Hello Thankful

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are you giving cards away for free?

We feel passionate about the positive effect gratitude can have in the lives of every person. Not only does expressing gratitude help the giver, but it also brings the giver and the receiver closer together. In a digital world where meaningful, personal relationships are becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, we want to see new and old friends connecting over something tangible. We've also seen how powerful it can be to focus on what you have, rather than what you don't have. Gratitude turns what you have into enough. 

Why don't I have to pay for shipping?

We want to give away as many free cards as possible! This means making it as easy as possible for anyone and everyone to order free cards. Even though shipping adds up really fast, making the cards completely free is core to our mission at Hello Thankful.

Can I get more than one set of free thank you cards?

Only one set of free thank you cards per person, please. We want to reach as many people as possible with our message of gratitude! If you would like more sets for a church, youth or community group, contact us for bulk pricing. 

I don't have a free code. Can I still get a free gratitude bundle?

If you don't have a code for a free gratitude bundle, follow @hellothankful on social media to get one. 

Can I donate to the movement?

We welcome any and all donations. 100% of the money we receive from donations will go towards giving away free cards. You never know who's lives will be changed from these small but significant acts of gratitude. Your donation just might change a life.

How can I be a part of the movement?

Share the message! Order your own set of cards, send them out and share your stories with us! If you are a public social figure who loves this message and wants to get involved, we would love for you to join us! Email us at hellothankful@gmail.com

Can I get my own free code for my followers?

If you would like your own free code for your followers, send a request through our contact page. Because of the logistics involved in creating and tracking our free codes, please only submit a request for a code if you have 25,000 or more followers on social media.