Hello Thankful

Gratitude turns what you have into enough.
— Unknown

The Idea

The idea for Hello Thankful came when I was moving and had several hundred Thank You cards from a previous business venture. I decided to post them for free on my neighborhood Facebook page and had more than fifteen women respond excitedly about the prospect of receiving some of the cards almost immediately.

As I took the cards around to these women, I was inspired by their gratitude toward me, and the thought of what we were spreading as a collective body of more-grateful women by expressing our gratitude. I thought, "What if I did this on a larger scale? How many lives could be affected if I started a movement where tens of thousands of women were expressing gratitude and sharing stories about how it affected their lives?"

And so, Hello Thankful was born. 

Our Mission

Here at Hello Thankful, we are passionate about gratitude and the positive affect it can have in the lives of those who practice it. Gratitude truly has the power to mend broken hearts, heal weary souls, and lift the downtrodden. Research has proven time and time again that the positive effects of gratitude are significant and lasting.

We want everyone to take part in this simple, yet profound practice and aim to spread the message of gratitude by giving away a million free thank you cards! We've also created an online community where people can learn more about gratitude, find tips and tricks for implementing gratitude everyday, and share their inspiring stories.

We hope you'll sit and stay awhile! Thank you for being part of the movement. Together we can change the world!

Get Involved

Getting involved in the movement is simple! Send out a free thank you card; we will do all the writing, stuffing and addressing for you. If you know someone that exemplifies the qualities of gratitude, or deserves special thanks, nominate them for a Thankful Project, our monthly give back initiative where we surprise someone with a home makeover, a yard makeover, or a special gift or trip.

The most important part about getting involved is spreading the word! We encourage you to tell your friends and family- anyone you know would benefit from practicing gratitude- about Hello Thankful and our mission to send out a million free thank you cards.

If you're a public social figure who is interested in being a Hello Thankful Ambassador, contact us at hellothankful@gmail.com.


Nominate Someone for a Thankful Project 

Each month, Hello Thankful will surprise a deserving person with a Thankful Project- a mini home makeover, a yard cleanup, or a fun trip or gift. We want to reward those people in our community who exemplify the qualities of gratitude, those who are especially deserving of thanks. To nominate someone, fill out the form below and submit. We will contact you if your nominee has been selected!   

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